Topics: Bolivia, Tiwanaku, Altiplano Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: November 14, 2013

Bolivia is a country known for the economic and political problems it has, but what people from outside the country don’t know is that Bolivia is a mystical land, a place with natural beauty, great people, wonderful culture, a big geography and amazing places that just are breathtaking; it is so big in natural wealth and have too many touristic places that people like to visit. Three of the touristic places people like to visit in Bolivia are El Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca and Tiwanacu. The first touristic place people like to visit is El Salar de Uyuni. It is located south of Potosi, this place is known as the biggest lake of salt in the world, it was part of a prehistoric lake, which dried and left the salt dessert. People from all places go to visit that amazing touristic part of Bolivia, the place consists of 4.085 miles, it has ten billion pounds of salt which they take about 2500 to sell, according to Morales Waltraud author of A Brief History of Bolivia, “ Over the years the desert has yielded millions of tons, and it is processed and sold by the Indians of the place” (2004, XXII). The weather here is cold, they can have three degrees Celsius and snow during the winter season, for summer the salt melts and the floor becomes a mirror, it is called the sky at the floor. The people is really poor there, but they are always working and making handcraft of salt to sell to the tourists. The second touristic place people like to visit is Lake Titicaca. It is found in Bolivia and Peru, and is considered the world’s highest commercially navigable water body, at 3812 meters above sea level, the transparency of the waters is notable that you can find over 36 floating islands; weather at night is cold, sometimes below zero degrees Celsius, but during the day is warm and sunny. People who live around the area are kind, humble and very friendly, they grow crops of corn, potatoes, and wheat for their living; Waltraud said, “Conditions are poor almost...
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