Bold Girls

Topics: Truth, Drama, The Play Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: January 13, 2011
“Bold Girls”

“Bold Girls” by Rona Munro is a dramatic play set in Ireland during “The Troubles”. The play centres around the lives of three women; Nora, Cassie and Marie and the hard times they come to face. Though the women’s husband’s have been killed or jailed, the women’s life must continue however their lives are suddenly unsettled when a young disturbing teenage girl appears, Deirdre, acting as a catalyst and disrupting the settled lives of these characters as well as unveiling well hidden truths.

Within this drama, the character Deirdre is on a search for the truth about her father and along the way she actually reveals the truths of the other central characters. Deirdre opens the first act with a monologue, describing the troubles of Ireland. We originally view her as a commentator “The sky is grey. There are hills in the back there, green. I can’t hardly see them..” The “hills” acts as a symbol for the truth and suggests the start of her search while the “sky is grey” stands as a symbol for her journey. Deirdre is portrayed as a strange and almost crazy character, making the reader feel uneasy but as the play progresses we grow in more understanding of the character, her search for the truth about her father, Deirdre threatens to destroy everything the characters own, breaking each of the women’s dreams.

Deirdre is first introduced to the central characters on page 18 when Marie brings her into her home, clothes her and feeds her. She’s strangely quiet as she sits in the room with Cassie and Nora, only replying simply to their questions. The first hint of truth surfaces here when Deirdre speaks of Cassie. “I’ve seen you though,” but when Nora and Cassie ask where Deirdre had seen her, she just shrugs, building tension and suspense within the play.

The biggest symbol of truth within the play is the knife which, shown throughout the acts, threatens to destroy everything on which the characters have built their hopes and dreams on. The knife is...
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