Boilers: Thermodynamics and Marine Propulsion Plant

Topics: Thermodynamics, Rankine cycle, Carnot cycle Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: October 26, 2005
Topic: Principles of Steam Plant Technology

Learning Objectives:

•Develop an understanding of the principles of thermodynamics and mechanical engineering related to the design of marine propulsion and auxiliary boilers. •Become familiar with the factors affecting overall efficiency of the generation system, and the measures taken to optimize the performance of a steam propulsion plant.

Reading Assignment:

•Modern Marine Engineer's Manual – MMEM

Chapter 1
Chapter 3 - pages 1 through 20

Review Questions – Written Answers due in Class on Wednesday, 14 September:

1.What is the difference between heat, internal energy, and enthalpy? 2.What is the difference between sensible and latent heat? Identify the components of a marine propulsion boiler in which each type of heat is added to water to generate steam. 3.Describe the three modes of heat transfer.

4.What is the significance of the Carnot cycle?
5.Calculate the Carnot cycle efficiency for the marine propulsion plant emulated in the Steam Plant Simulator at California Maritime Academy. The boilers produce 875-psi steam, superheated to 950 oF, and main condenser pressure is nominally 28.5-in Hg (vacuum). 6.Calculate the Carnot cycle efficiency for a marine propulsion plant with the same pressure conditions as the Steam Plant Simulator, but no superheat. 7.What are the difficulties that prevent an operating Carnot cycle from being built? 8.What are the four processes that make up the Rankine cycle? 9.The steam cycle diagram in MMEM Figure 3-2 is labeled, "Ideal Rankine Cycle". What are the "ideal" characteristics of the illustrated cycle, which cannot be achieved in an actual steam plant? 10.MMEM Figure 3-4 is the diagram of a steam cycle with significantly greater efficiency than the simple Rankine cycle represented in MMEM Figure 3-2. Describe the features, which have been added to improve steam cycle efficiency. 11.Why is it impossible to raise the temperature of steam in...
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