Boiler Manufacturer in China ZG Boiler

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Boiler Manufacturer in China-ZG Boiler
ZG Boiler is a China based boiler manufacturer company situated in Henan Province. We manufacture boilers, install and service a big range such as Gas Boilers, Steam Boilers, Fire Tube
Boilers, Water Tube Boilers, Wood Fired Boilers, Package Boilers, D type boilers in Australia and other countries and areas and across the international market.
Fire Tube Boilers
Our fire tube boilers are manufactured to last, they are available in a variety of different designs.
Fire tube boilers are available in single pass, 2 pass and 3 pass patterns. Recent technology upgrades has allowed us to design more compact and efficient fire tube boiler designs. To match the firing rate the boilers are equipped with modulating and other controls.
Water Tube Boilers
The most common type of small / medium sized water tube boiler is the D type boiler. Producing
150psi the d type water tube boiler includes a vertically connected large steam drum to a smaller water drum (for example a mud drum) through a number of steam generating tube, it includes 2 drums. These water tube boilers are quite practical, are great for small spaces / rooms and are very efficient. More water tube and fired tube boiler information: Steam Boilers
We manufacture a wide variety of steam boilers which all have optimum efficiency in fuel usage commercial and industrial purposes. Our highly efficient steam boilers are ideal for generating steam for laundry, clothes pressing, hospitals, food processing and other steam room applications.
Hot Water Boilers
We manufacture and install Hot Water Boilers for commercial and industrial business. Our hot water boilers are designed to provide our clients with maximum energy output based on their business requirements. We specialize in boiler design (suited to your business premises), installation and service of hot water boilers in Australia and the South Pacific.

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