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Boeing is a market leader in aviation manufacturing in the U.S. and abroad. Its structure not only revolves around manufacturing, the company is a leader in defense, space and security development. These multitude of industries are all tied and synched together by their shared services group which responsible for human resources, staffing, wellness, recruitment programs, construction, virtual workplace and various implementations to connect all these industries into a world-wide operation. Boeing has established itself as a differentiator in the aerospace manufacturing industry. An industry that is driven by innovative ideas of flight since the early 1900s when William Boeing start this company by building the first sea-plane. A century later Boeing's immediate future is hinged on the success of a super lightweight aircraft that it hopes to revolutionize the industry and retain its position as the market leader.

Currently the company has revenues of $81, 698 million during the fiscal year ended 2012, a 16% increase over $68,735 million FY 2011 and a 21% increase over $64,306 million FY 2010, respectively. Operating income was $6,311 million during FY 2012 compared to operating income of $5,844 million in FY 2011 as compared to operating income of $4,971 million in FY 2010. The net profit was $3,900 million for FY 2012 as compared to net profit $4,018 million FY 2011 and $3,307million for FY 2010.

The core product for Boeing is the manufacturing of commercial aircraft. There are currently approx Boeing 13,000 aircraft transporting passengers and freight around the world. Its main innovative product currently is the 787 Dreamliner. An aircraft made of a new composite that brings the weight of the aircraft down by considerably by design. Allowing for unprecedented significant decrease in fuel cost and decrease in operating cost. Aircraft manufacturing accounts for approx fifty percent of their sales revenue.

Boeing also provides many...
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