Bodyline Bowling

Topics: Bodyline, Donald Bradman, The Ashes Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Bodyline Bowling
Test cricket has played a major role in Australian history. Bodyline bowling reflected a negative relationship between England and Australia. The four main points to support this argument include, past Australian test cricket and how it has played a major role in Australian history, history of cricket between England and Australia, relationship between England and Australia at the time and bodyline bowling itself. Australia is very well known all over the world for its cricket reputation. The Australian team has played 744 Test matches, winning 350, losing 194, drawing 198 and tying 2. With a total of 797 one day matches played out by Australia they have successfully won 490, losing just 272, tying nine and with 26 ending in no-result. Apart from these remarkable statistics many heroes have been produced by Australia who have inspired many keen young cricketers all around the world. Cricketers including, Donald Bradman, Steve Waugh and Ricky Pointing are among many. The most significant event involving both Australia and England is the Ashes Series, held since 1882. This match-up between both of these countries is a highly well-known and famed event. The idea of The Ashes Series took place in 1884 with England touring Australia. Between 1884 and 1896 was a time of English dominance as they were defeated only 4 times out of a total 23 games, they won all seven series that were contested. The first five actual games took place in-between 1894-95.This shows the power and strength of England in the early days of test cricket. From 1895 to the end of 1933, statistics provide information that out of the 19 games played out during this period of time Australia winning 10 and England winning 9. The conclusion of these statistics provides proof that Australia was slightly on the verge of overcoming the dominance of the England when test cricket was first introduced. The 1932 to 1933 series between England and Australia was a highly controversial and...

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