Bodybuilding: Motivation and Self Discipline

Topics: Goal, Mind, Bodybuilding Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: March 24, 2014

The Wisdom of Bodybuilding
At times, bodybuilding seems to get a negative reputation. This is mainly due to the substance abuse associated with the sport, and the fact that critics often focus on the negative aspects of bodybuilding. However, bodybuilding has many benefits for those who do it. These include: self – discipline, goal setting, nutrition, mental strength, and most importantly, strong motivation to achieve one’s personal best. This key self – motivation is what all other benefits stem from, and it is not possible without the inspiration to be the best you can be. In order to become a body builder, one must make certain changes to their lifestyle. One must be able to think positively, and must do their best to maintain a good attitude during training. The positive attitude enables the person to keep moving forward and not allow the failures to discourage them. Being able to move forward, even after failure, is imperative because failure is a part of bodybuilding and a part of life. If the person cannot overcome failure, they will not be able to make progress because of fear of failing again. For success in bodybuilding, one must be able to set goals and drive themselves to attain them. Keeping a diet going, being able to do a certain number of reps for a workout, cutting weight or gaining muscle mass are all goals that the bodybuilder must set and strive to attain. Along with this, the bodybuilder must never settle. They must never tell themselves that they have done enough work or that their condition is ‘good enough’. But how does one motivate themself to achieve all of these things? The answer is that they must be inspired. One person motivating another is simply one person trying to convince another to do something that they do not want to do. This rarely works for long. However, a person who is inspired will let nothing stand in their way. Therefore, it is inspiration in bodybuilding that is the motivation for the change in lifestyle that is...

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