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Topics: Recycling, Supply chain management, Policy Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: May 3, 2011
“The body shop is committed to being an environmentally responsible retailer. They strive to ensure that the business activities will always contribute to the well being and aspirations of current stakeholders without compromising the needs of future generations. They will apply best practice throughout the business activities and take on a leadership role in areas where they can make a difference and set examples to the industry. They will focus our efforts on issues where their activities have direct environmental impacts and strive to minimise or offset these impacts through appropriate management systems, stakeholder engagement and industry collaboration.” (The Body Shop International, 2006) The business strategy of The body shop is to provide customers with a retail experience that delivers new and innovative product. They have values which governs everything that they do. Their values are to protect the planet, support community trade, against animal testing, defend human rights, and activate self esteem. These values are Body Shop's business strategy and core competencies.

The body shop lay out clearly what their environmental policy is and how they commit themselves to achieving this. The policy is all about being committed to the environment and this is done through minimizing waste by using minimal packaging on their products, recycling materials, setting out clear policies to customers and suppliers. Efficient use of energy in order to offset against carbon emissions. These environmental policies link to Body shops business strategy for example one of Body Shop's business strategies is to protect the planet and this is being done through their environmental policy in which Body Shop are having efficient use of energy in order to cut carbon emissions. There policy also states that their products are “100 percent pure” and “natural”. The body shop state that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals. In order for this to be met The...
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