Body Planes and Directions: Activities

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Body Planes & Directions ACTIVITIES

I. In pairs, create a stick-like figure, with a head, trunk, arms, and legs using play dough. As the terms are discussed, the student will use a toothpick to designate the area. After all the terms are discussed, cut the figure into the planes.

II. In pairs, identify the following areas on partner:
a. Area distal to the knee
b. Area proximal to the elbow
c. Lateral to the big toe
d. Anterior side of the body
e. Posterior side of the body
f. Area that is medial to the shoulder
g. Area that is superior to the lungs
h. Area that is inferior to the heart.

III. Complete Five Station Lab

IV. Develop a Short Story describing best date or worst nightmare using anatomical terms.

For reinforcement, the students will make flashcards of all of the terms. For enrichment, the students will develop questions and design a jeopardy game utilizing the information in this unit. Medical Prefixes, Suffixes, Body Planes,

and Directional Terms

Students will have an overall understanding of the terminology presented and how to utilize it in the medical profession.

Face Masks
Colored toothpicks
Surgical Caps
Paper Plates
Blank Sheets of Paper
Picture of Torso
Body Parts Worksheet

Stations: (See attached specific directions.)
Station #1 The students make up a story using the medical terminology. Station #2 The students color the handout of the torso according to regions Station #3 Students perform the requested surgeries on the patient (potato with a picture of a person drawn on it). Station #4 Planes and directions are practiced using fruit, vegetables, toothpicks, and marshmallows. Station #5 A fun activity matching body parts to other meanings for the words. Station #1

Using the word list provided, write a 2-3 paragraph story showing that you know the correct usage of the terms. Each student must write at least two sentences using the following terms.

Arterio-, athero-, arthro-
Ileum, ilium
Infection, inflammation
Laceration, lesion
Mucous, mucus
Myc-, myel- myo-
Palpation, palpitation
Prostate, prostrate
Pyel-, pyo-
Supination, suppration
Viral, virile

The group may help each other. The entire group story must follow the same story line. The first sentence is started for you:

You have the Grim Reaper on the autopsy table. As you begin the first incision……………. Station #2

Using the diagram of the torso, color code each section as follows (label specific left and right where applicable):

Umbilical Region - Green
Lumbar Region - Blue
Epigastric Region - Red
Iliac Region - Orange
Hypochondriac Region - Yellow
Hypogastric Region - Brown
Station #3

Surgery Prep: you will need face mask and gloves.

You do not want to be sued for malpractice. The surgical team requires collaboration and planning. Know what you are going to do before you cut. These surgical incisions are permanent. Scarring is probable. Remember the anesthesiologist has given you only 15 minutes.

Your patient requires multiple procedures. Please perform the following: • Appendectomy – deep lateral incision in the anterior RLQ • Cesarean section – deep lateral incision in the pelvic cavity 3-4 inches distal to the belly button • Left legectomy (what is the proper term?) – incision distal to the knee joint • Carotid endorectomy – vertical superficial to the carotid artery incision 2-3 inches from the medial plane of the trachea

Use the information provided to make the correct surgical incisions to perform the required surgeries. After you complete the surgery, draw on your body diagram where you made the incisions. Station #4 Body Planes and Directions

Be careful with the surgical instruments. Read and follow the instructions very...
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