Body Modifications

Topics: Plastic surgery, Body modification, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: October 31, 2014

Different Types of Body Modifications and why People do them. Throughout the world people are modifying their bodies. Various cultures have tattoo traditions dating as far back from 3000 BC in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. From the article “Pretty like a coloring book” by Vybz Kartel, he said “The teardrop [tattoo] on my face is in memory of my close friends who have died”. In ancient and modern history people participated in body modification for physical, sexual and cosmetic enhancements, religious, and cultural reasons. In china foot binding was very popular from the late 10th century onward to the mid -20th century. It was there culture to have small feet, between the ages of two- five years old the parents will perform foot binding on their daughter. It was done at a young age because the arch of the foot wasn’t fully developed as yet. The painful process was done to prevent further growth. Chinese men were attracted by the tiny narrow foot, which was known as the “golden lotus”. It may not sound like a body modification but it is and was very popular to the Chinese culture. Another example of cultural modification is piercings. Back in the 17th century a male wore earrings to show he was a pirate. Tribes across Africa, Southeast Asia, north and South America and Ethiopia participated in lip piercings. It was done to enlarge their lips to accommodate a large plate. Another reason for body modification is one religious belief. The earliest evidence of tattoo began 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. In the Philippines tattooing to some was a form of rank or accomplishments and to others they believed it had magical qualities. In japan tattooing was for spiritual and decorative reasons dating as far back 10,000 BCE. The Ancient Egyptians and Romans perform plastic cosmetic surgery for religious reasons. The Romans perform such surgeries like repairing damage ears in the 1st century BC. In India branding is done to show...
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