Body Language Bus 303

Topics: Gender, Nonverbal communication, Psychology Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: October 6, 2008
“Touro University International”

Leonardo R. Chavez

BUS 303

Body Language

Module 3

24 November 2006
Dr. Don W. McCormick

This question is a bit perturbed, it’s almost asking that men should act a certain way around women in the work place in order to a better job of being inclusive! How about the reverse of this question what women should do in order to accomplish the same goal. I would agree that men should behave in a professional matter and avoid any potential situation that could be misconstrued as inappropriate behavior. But as far as acting in a certain way to make women feel comfortable and accepted, my answer to that is be professional.

Main Body:
What are the differences between women and men? When asked this question, everyday beliefs about differences in male and female social behaviors are elicited in abundance. Men are typically believed to be "instrumental" and task-oriented but also aggressive, dominant, noisy, and loud-mouthed Women are believed to be emotional, gentle, and sensitive to others, but also passive and gossipy. Everyday perceptions about behavioral gender differences are found regardless of the gender of the perceiver. Perceived gender differences in communication style reflect these common perceptions about gender differences. Women are believed to talk more and to be better listeners than men, to be more aware of others' feelings, and to be more emotionally expressive than men. A picture is worth a thousand words. What you see is what you get. You've probably heard these clichés countless times, but they hold true when it comes to body language. If you want to communicate clearly, you need to pay attention to your voice, gestures, facial expressions and posture as well as other people's personal space. If you don't, your body might "say" something you don't want it to and send the wrong message. When talking with someone, consider these aspects: The pitch of your voice plays a...
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