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Topics: Lie, Deception, Lie detection Pages: 157 (55655 words) Published: January 5, 2014

How to See Through the Fibs, Frauds, and
Falsehoods People Tell You Every Day

Best-selling author of Toxic People

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To anyone who has ever felt shock, emotional pain, or heartache after discovering that someone whom you trusted with all your heart, lied to you.
May the pages of this book give you all of the information you will ever need to quickly decipher and unveil who is real and who is phony, who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you.
May what you learn in this book provide you with peace of mind, less stress, and more confidence in your life.

I would like to acknowledge my two precious muses—my beautiful, brilliant, and charismatic mom, Rosalee Glass (―Miss Congeniality‖), and my precious, cuddly, incredibly smart baby goldendoodle, Annabella Glass, both of whom always make me smile and count my blessings. Thank you for making my writing breaks fun.

And thank you to my dear literary agent, Paula Munier; to Career Press; and to Jennifer White at Splash News and Mary Velasco at Getty Images, for their assistance in the use of the celebrity photos throughout this book.

Part I: Encountering the Liar: Who Lies, and Why?
Chapter 1: What Is a Lie?
Chapter 2: The Price of a Lie
Chapter 3: The Evolution of a Liar: Why Animals (Yes, Animals!), Children, and Young People Lie Chapter 4: The Seven Reasons Adults Lie
Chapter 5: Cyber Liars
Part II: Human Lie Detection
Chapter 6: Instincts and Context
Chapter 7: The Body Language of a Liar
Chapter 8: The Facial Language of a Liar
Chapter 9: The Voice of a Liar: Pitch, Volume, Tone, and Pacing Chapter 10: Speech Content: It’s Not Just Words
Chapter 11: Your Lying Eyes: Lovers Who Cheat and Deceive
Chapter 12: A Profile of the Most Toxic Liar of All—The Psychopath/Sociopath Conclusion: The Catharsis of Discovery
About the Author

Being fooled, conned, duped, or just plain lied to can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how smart, old, rich, or famous you are. Almost everyone at one point in their life, and in one way or another, has been the victim of a liar—someone who has withheld the truth or given them false information. Whether you have been unfortunate enough to have met up with someone who has scammed you in business; swindled you out of money; betrayed you by spreading falsehoods; stolen your lover, husband, or wife; conned you over the Internet, or ―catfished‖ you by purporting to be someone they were not—rest assured that you are not alone. The world is full of these most toxic of people, the liar. When you find out that someone whom you once trusted, loved, or respected deceived you, a myriad of strong emotions can arise. These emotions range from feeling shocked, hurt, depressed, sad, and/or angry—sometimes all of them at once. You wonder whom you can really trust or whether you can ever trust again. You even tend to question your...
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