Body Language

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Sign language, Eye contact Pages: 4 (1573 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Body Language

Whether we realize it or not body language is used in our day-to-day lives. Body language is a form of non-verbal communication consisting of body posture, gestures, and eye movements. Humans usually send and interpret such signals unconsciously. Every day we respond to some sort of non-verbal communication or give off some sort of non-verbal communication ourselves. Scientific research on nonverbal communication and behavior began in 1872 with the publication of Charles Darwin’s “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.” Since then, there has been an outstanding amount of research done on the types, effects, and expressions of unspoken communication and behavior. The 1960’s research work done by Albert Mehrabian concludes that 93% of communication consists of body language while only 7% of communication consists of the actual spoken word. While words say what we mean, body language indicates aggresses, boredom, defensiveness, and romance as well as other feelings. There have been many studies that have concluded different percentages than what Albert Mehrabian’s were, however they overwhelmingly conclude that the greater part of communicating is through body language.

Body language is used to portray and relay several different emotions such as aggression, boredom, defense and romance. Aggressive body language can be in the form of a threat. Threatening body language is displayed through facial signals, attack signals and exposing oneself. Threats are relayed with hateful frowns, pursed lips, a sneer, or what is known as the “stare down”. Prolonged eye contact can be concerting. Staring can indicate domination, aggression, and power. Lowered eyebrows also indicate dominance. During the stare down, the first person to look away is “admitting defeat.” When someone is in the heat of the moment they can give attack signals such as clenching their fists or bowing the back and shoulders. When someone gets this mad they are also...
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