Body Image Paper

Topics: James Dobson, Adolescence, Focus on the Family Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Firstly I wanted to state that my search for an appropriate ad brought me to some pretty creepy webpage’s. By simply inputting “teen websites” into Google or “teen advertising” some sex and porn websites popped up, is a very scary thing. It is amazing how the internet is being used by those who would love to take the innocence away from our children. Once I found my way out of the traps, I found an ad on, that I wanted to discuss in my paper. As a teen I loved reading “Tiger Beat” and “Bill Board” magazines. I listened to the Bill Board count down religiously, music was a very big thing in my life and the lives of my circle of friends; so this seemed only natural to select Bill Board as my source for the ad. While on Bill Board the ad, that was most prevalent was an ad for Malibu Rum, (Maliu Rum) yes that’s right for alcohol. The ad had a tease on it saying “Listen to Caribbean beats streaming live on the Malibu Facebook page”, with a link to their Face Book page, which has additional video and tons of fans that go into detail with their “Malibu Rum” experience. The music is what hooks you once on the page; the music is fun and very much puts one in a party “Jamaican style” mood. There area also “YouTube” videos of the antics of the two men in the ads and of course links to other related antics.

What was the intended audience for this advertisement? I think teens and emerging adults from the age of 15 to mid twenty. I think that the company was trying to get the attention of men mostly just from the videos I saw on their Facebook page.

What subliminal and/or overt messages does this ad send? The message is clear, this rum will make you feel like you would on a Jamaican beach, this rum and the music on their ads is clearly for parties.

How would this ad be interpreted differently by each gender? I think that men would be more drawn to it, it is a party after all with lots of scantily clothed girls...

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