Body Image In Today's Society

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Body Image in Today’s Society
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This paper looks at they way body image affects women’s lives, caused by the media. Women in today’s society always want to change the way they look. This paper looks at different ways the media affects these women. Like through everyday exposure, and so on. Then it talks about the way women perceive themselves can affect their relationships, and sexual relations. It then goes on to talk about how women want to become a size zero like they see all these models are. But they are only a size eight. Well they go on these fad diets that are only short-term weight loss goals, and many of these diets don’t work. Also women spend billions on makeup in their lifetime just to alter the way the look to look “beautiful.” They want to look the way society thinks they need to.

Body Image in Today’s Society
You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re not good enough.
That statement society hears, or thinks day in, and day out. That feeling of seeing so much go on in the media, in your family, in yourself. Feeling like you have to be better than what you already are. Seeing media distort your image of what’s beautiful, relationships depends on what is thought about what people look like, women try weight loss programs, and countless of makeup products just to try to be “beautiful.” Women shouldn’t have to feel this way; have to feel like they need to change, and become something they aren’t just to fit societies view of beautiful. Women seeing this entire media world, and are starting to develop a distorted image of what beautiful is. According to Boston Women’s Health (2005, para. 1), we are seeing more, and more half naked models in media than we would if there were not these media images out there. In doing this it distorts women of the perception of reality, and looking at all these other thin, airbrushed models, makes beautiful women think they are...

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