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People have a different idea of the perfect body image, this is greatly influenced by society and the media. Emotions with which we perceive our body are an essential part of body image. Social expectations of color and general beliefs related to the ideal body image create issues and/or cause harm to a great number of people with low self-esteem and try to follow the standards set by the media and society to fit it. They subject themselves to gruelling, and unrealistic work-outs and diets which affect their health. The mixture of what you perceive and how you relate to it ranges from positive to negative. Depends on what you are being exposed to or exposing yourself to. Most of us form a perfect body image based on a lot of television, movies, models and magazines. People with a positive body image, are generally satisfied with what they see. Likewise, people who are dissatisfied with how they look at their body, have a negative body image. The study related to the body image has garnered great amounts of interest in the last 50 years with a monumental gain in the last 20. This being a common phenomenon in science and usually is happens when new means of measuring phenomenon are discovered. (Pruzinsky and Cash, 2002).

People with a body of any shape and size can be attractive or “beautiful”. That is no longer the situation anymore. Standards set by social media and the
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entertainment business drive many young people into succumbing to diets and exercises. In fact a few decades ago curvy women were considered more attractive than anorexic women. The steps taken by today’s youth to live up to these standards have proven to be fatal and have caused physical damage that could last a lifetime in some cases. One’s perception of their body varies from day to day, or even at different time during the day. We generally have a stable perception of our body, and how you look at yourself is usually different from how others...

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