Body Farm

Topics: Decomposition, Science, Death Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Discussion #1-Body Farm
I have known Body Farm from “Bones”, a crime drama television series featuring a beautiful forensic anthropologist, and I thought it only exists in fiction. The documentary proved to me that the human decomposition research facilities really exists, and its use for science was amazing. Initially, I thought this movie was not for everyone to enjoy. Most scenes were very disturbing as the human remains exposed in the elements not in an enclosed laboratory. Although, I love crime drama television series which revolve around gory homicide scenes and less than comfortable investigation techniques to include forensic anthropology, the Body Farm documentary still terrified me with its true nature. As much as I admire the anthropologists’ pure intent to gain insights into the process of human remain decomposition in order to discover the true story of the dead, the images of the donor’s remain left to decompose or human part burned at different temperatures did not bring me a pleasant feeling. I cannot imagine how the scientists can deal with the putrid smells of decomposed flesh and the stench of burnt flesh. It is satisfying to know the forensic anthropologist go to great length in serving mankind. They gave voices to the wrongful dead and allow them to tell the true story. The research left me with both revolting and admiration feelings. As a donor myself, I am happy with the thought that my body is still useful post mortem. If donating my body to science could help to further advance in knowledge of natural science, I would be more satisfied than let it uselessly decay into the abyss. Without the donors, human kind would have rarely advanced in knowledge, and it would have denied us from understanding natural science as we know today. It is fascinating to know the forensic anthropologists could uncover a lot of mysteries from the death base on skeletons study. The human skeletons are known as a hardest part of the body and as...
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