Body Art in the Workplace

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Body Art
When we think of body art we at times have a one track mind. Giving examples of body art is easy, but what really is body art? In the article “Body Art in the Workplace,” by Regina M. Robo she listed a few meanings of what body art is. Body art can mean several things. First, body art can be a form of self-expression. Secondly, body art can be a form of culture expression. Lastly, body art can be a form of following a growing trend.

Body art serves a purpose of self-expression. People add a tattoo, piercing, or an extreme hair dye to express oneself. “This form of expression, once reserved for bikers, sailors, and other unsavory types,” stated by Robo. A teenage boy might wear his neon green hair in the style of a Mohawk to stand out from the rest. A young college women my tattoo her lower back of a sign of independence and adulthood. A couple might tattoo the others name in expressing their love. Self-expression is one meaning of body art.

Body art also is a form of culture expression. People from different areas of the world act very different. Things that is normal in the United Sates maybe different in Asia or another area. “In the Maori culture of Polynesia, it is customary to apply tattoos to areas of the body including the face in a spirituals practice known as Ta Moko,” stated by Robo. I remember the first time I saw a henna tattoo. I was in class with a little girl by the name of Adila. Her mother came into the class one day for a party and she had a henna tattoo on her hand. I asked my mother about the different art. She explained to me the culture and beliefs behind it. Culture expression is another meaning of body art.

Body art is a form of following a growing trend. Body art isn’t just a tattoo or piercing. Body art can be a hairstyle as well. “Prohibiting hairstyles that are prevalent among an ethnic minority that is not well represented,” stated by Robo. In the younger generations they want to...
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