Body-Adapted Wearable Electronics

Topics: Wear, Disability, Wearable computer Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: July 28, 2014

The field of body-adapted electronics has been around for quite some time. People have been wearing calculator watches, mobile phones, music players, ear phones and the like for many years now. I was intrigued by the new ideas that have developed within the last few years in the way of health monitoring devices.

There is a wristband available for you to monitor your exercise, health, behavior, and blood pressure. It helps you to understand your exercise and sleep patterns. Also out there for you to detect your blood pressure are ear buds. Some of the health monitoring devices are able to be embedded under your skin or worn as a tiny patch under clothing. The sensors provide feedback for you or your doctor to tract your vital statistics. The vital measures include heart rate, muscle tone, body temperature, sweat, motion and the amount of oxygen in your system. The environmental measures include location, illumination, ambient temperature, humidity, toxicity.

A body posture detection sensor is worn to determine whether a person is exercising or performing a sport correctly. Along with this device, another can provide calculations of how many calories you have consumed, or your average speed and distance. This allows you to get the best performance in what you are attempting. For those suffering chronic disease or pain management, their doctor will be able to receive real-time information about the person’s health, so as to be able to prescribe medications properly.

Alerts systems can be applied for drivers on the road to inform them of dozing off at the wheel. Fire-fighters have a polo shirt with sensors that collects their vital signs, so supervisors will know when to get them out of a disastrous situation.

The Eye Tap, which is worn in front of the eye, or Smartglasses are for wearers to use as a camera or to view computer imagery, is being explored as a tool for people with visual disabilities to have the...

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