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By OLUWASEUN Nov 23, 2008 338 Words
‘Our mission is to establish Sony Ericsson as the most attractive and innovative global brand in the mobile handset industry.’ Source:

‘A sustainable future encompasses conscious design, ethics, energy, recycling, health and community involvement.’ Source:

1.1purpose of report:
• Proposal of Management Strategy for Sony Ericsson
• Potential actions and its resources implications
• Limitations of strategies and recommendations

1.2scope of strategies:
• Environmental scanning
Source:, accessed 20 November 2008, reviewed by Gilbert Appasamy.

Environmental scanning identifies the organisation’s assets, resources, capabilities, competitive advantages and disadvantages as well as boundaries to strategies formulation

1.2the internal environment (The 5 M’s)

1.2.1The micro environment

1.2.2the macro environment (pestle analysis) competitors
• Alcatel-Lucent
• Motorola. Inc
• Nokia Corporation
• Panasonic Mobile Communications
• Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. advantages
• A research and development unit for mobile phones in India • Ranked amongst the leading ‘green’ company by Greenpeace in 2007 disadvantages

1.2.4possible strategies identified
• Be the first ‘green’ company eliminating completely the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals in all its business units and the products being sold as well 1.2.5limitations of strategies

2.0stakeholder analysis
2.1.1stakeholder mapping
2.2.2key stakeholder position under current strategies
2.2.3key stakeholder position under possible strategies
2.3observation and consideration

3.0corporate governance
3.1governance chain
3.2principles and theory
3.3sony ericsson

4.0ethics and corporate responsibility

4.1.3teleology and egoism
4.1.4ethical relativism

appendix a: sony ericsson quarter statements
appendix b: latest technologies
Environmental Factors

Legal aspects

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