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"Time is of the essence; rumors travel at the speed of light-regardless of accuracy-and even faster during times of change". Addressing these issues in an organization is a critical task. Before that, bringing these rumors/issues into light is a risky task especially for employees. This might be because of the reasons like fear of disclosing the identity, fear of retribution, consequences to be faced if the management is not happy with the issues brought up, non-availability of proper channel to communicate with the superiors/top-management, etc. This gives rise to a proper solution which in my opinion is "RUMOR MILL". BENEFITS/USES:

1) Complaints and/or suggestions to or about the organization/management/co-workers/peers 2) Whistle-blowing(key to bring situations to light) 3) Performance feedback 4) General suggestions and announcements 5) Brainstorming 6) Promoting honesty and/or openness 7) Avoiding personal retribution 8) Communicating sensitive topics 9) Free flow of information and 10) sometimes recreational (fun and encouragement) APPROPRIATENESS TO CHEMICAL BANK:

Some key points noted from the CSD vision statement:
1) Constraints of strict, hierarchical organization are eliminated 2) Employees are expected to:
- learn more about plans and needs
- participate actively in the work
- share experience and knowledge
- reorganizing quickly to bring in the right person at the right time for a right project. All the above mentioned points are very much essential for bringing in proper communication, collaboration and coordination among the employees, managers and the top-management. Creating an environment of trust and openness would benefit the individual, as well as the organization as a whole. This would lead to more transparency of the organization, commitment by the employees/staff, increased productivity and profitability. Also, ethically the organization would be leading its...
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