Bob Marley & Music in Our Generation

Topics: Reggae, Hip hop music, Bob Marley Pages: 4 (1716 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Over the decades the musical culture in America has changed considerably. From psychedelic to rock n roll, disco to heavy metal, punk rock to soft rock. Now hip-hop and rap seem to be the current musical infatuation in our era. Yet we’re forgetting that somewhere in that time frame, around the 1970’s a music form known as reggae emerged from the little island of Jamaica, and with it came a man that will never be forgotten. His name was Robert Nesta Marley although he was better known to us as Bob Marley and he changed our world forever. Marley’s music was unleashed on America and the world in the mid to late ‘70’s with explosive popularity. For unlike much of the music that had been heard, Marley’s work was so much more than just music it was a message for all to hear, a message that we could better the world in which we live. Marley’s beautifully constructed lyrics inspired and moved people to not sit quietly and do nothing while their world is being destroyed by the evils of violence and racism. Bob Marley without a doubt helped lessen the problems that plague this world but racism and violence amongst fellow human beings is certainly still occurring. So one cannot help but speculate, if a single artist can have such a positive influence on so many people through his music then why are our current chart-topping music artists not following in his footsteps and doing the same?

Bob Marley is undeniably an icon of social change within not only America, but also around the world where his music has been heard. Author Anthony Bogues in his article “Get Up, Stand Up: The Redemptive Poetics of Bob Marley” even goes as far as to compare Marley to Martin Luther King Jr. seeing the evidence that they both stood strongly for social change in a time when we most surely needed it. Bogues writes, “common to both King and Marley was the universalism, a commitment to social change, and the fact that both were prophetic voices whose visions of a new world were rooted in the...
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