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Social change Over the years the Music culture has changed rapidly. “Rock and roll changed to psychedelic, disco to heavy metal and punk rock to soft rock”. Today it seems that Hip hop and music has become a big sensation of our era. We have also been influenced by not only hip hop but also in reggae music which originated from a small Caribbean island called Jamaica. A very inspirational man amounted from here, a man whose legacy that will live on for generations to come. Robert Nesta Marley known to us as Bob Marley has changed our world forever. His inspirational speaking about social change pertaining to his music was used to unite the people. His music was to help promote freedom, peace, reconciliation, and equal rights for all. (-emily)

Marley was born in St. Ann Parish and raised in Trench town. He was born February 6, 1945. Although he grew up in a single parent home his father did indeed financially supported him and occasionally visited him. When he was younger living in Jamaica his mother had lived in the United States. His mother had sent for him to come live with her in United States. Here his mother went to look for a job, since it was the late 50’s and jobs were really hard to come by. He had a job of housekeeping in a hotel in Delaware. One day when he was vacuuming the machine exploded in his face and dust went everywhere. That was it for Bob; from that day on he realized that it wasn’t meant for him to do this job. So he left back for Jamaica to become a singer for what he always wanted to be. He knew deep within him he knew that he was meant to be a singer and that what he set to become. He had a friend name Rita who he came to know and like who he began to sing with. Bob had it hard not knowing his father and his mother living in America. He had nothing he was living in a recording studio, sleeping on the ground. Life was really ruff for Bob and Rita felt it for him. Rita...
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