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The Board of Directors at Staples is comprised of eleven members. “The eleven nominees include two directors who joined the Board within the last two years, four nominees that joined the Board within the last seven years and five nominees that have served on our Board at least 15 years” (Staples, Annual Report, 16). The eleven members are listed below. Next his or her name is how long they have been on the board. Under each name is a short biography of the member along with valuable contributions they are able to provide for Staples. Basil L. Anderson – 17 years

Former CFO of Campbell’s. Mr. Anderson extensive experience in corporate finance, and brings valuable insight into overseeing financial reporting and the audit process based on past experience serving he audit committees of many other boards. In addition Mr. Anderson is an expert in strategic planning as well as has international business experience. (Staples Annual Report, 2013). Drew G. Faust – 2 year

President of Harvard University since 2007. In addition to sitting on the board of Harvard Management Company, which invests the school’s endowment and assets to ensure long-term support of the education and research goals of the university, Dr. Faust has extensive leadership and management experience and skills related to recruiting top talent, capital planning, financial planning oversight, risk management, technology and strategy. (Staples Annual Report, 2013). Justin King – 7 years

CEO of Sainsbury plc. Mr. King has retail experience having filled a number of positions at ASDA/Wal-Mart in Trading, HR and Retail. He was also Managing Director of Häagen Dazs UK and spent much of his early career with Mars Confectionary and Pepsi International. Mr. King brings strategic sales and marketing expertise, as well as a detailed understanding of operating international business (Staples Annual Report, 2013). Carol Meyrowitz – 7 years

CEO of the TJX Companies, Inc. Ms. Meyrowitz was formerly the...
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