BMW Films

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Non-Traditional Marketing
Bavarian Motor Work created its BMW Films campaign to be unconventional with its non-traditional marketing. BMW sought out to change its frame of reference, for its target market segment; to do this BMW did not rely on deception in its advertising execution. Throughout each of the BMW films the viewer knew that the plot revolved around a BMW vehicle and what the car could do for the actors. BMW has three market segments that create the 7 Series, the 5 Series and the 3 Series. Each of these segments has their own target market group audience. The 7 Series segment customers are over 50, married and have an income over $200,000. & Series customers are usually well established in their career. 5 Series customers are between the ages of 35 to 50 years old and are married. This segment is usually in the process of building their career and has an income between $100,000 to $200,000. The last segment is for the 3 Series. This segment consists of business professionals less than 35 years old, they are single and just starting out in their careers. During the time of the launch this segment was very tech-savvy with the Internet as it was increasingly becoming more popular. Therefore, BMW Films website is a good strategic move to launch the new look of BWM. BMW was interested in marketing to the 3 Series segment because they have the potential to become a BMW customer for life. BMW needs to change its frame of reference for the 3 Series market. Currently the 3 Series market segment feels that BMWs are the vehicles that their parents drive. They don’t view BMWs as a vehicle they would want to drive or own. The 3 Series market views BMWs as an old brand, not a fun fast car that they are most likely looking to purchase. BMW needs to become new and innovative, if they want to attract new life long customers. BMW has to make the 3 Series market believe that BMWs are the vehicles for them. The individual BMW films themselves were unlike any other advertising campaign. In order for BMW to increase the interest in their campaign, the showed previews of the films in movie theaters and got the audience excited to see a new movie. Then the audience would learn that they could watch the entire film on a website, Viewers would search for the website and input their personal information to view the films, thus expanding BMW’s database of potential customers. The BMW Film’s viewers were seeking out the advertisement and inputting their personal information to view them. If BMW used traditional marketing on television, they would be lucky if their audience doesn’t fast forward through their advertisement, never mind actively watch it. They would not have had the reaction they received or new customer database. Viewers were caught unaware that they were being marketed to because they were actively engaged in the films. Having the films on a website also allowed the films to be viewed anytime of the day for a much longer period of time that a traditional television advertisement. Viewers were also able to share the site because there was a share with friends’ button imbedded into the site; this created positive word of mouth. One huge strategic advantage that these films had over traditional marketing was the abundance of customer information, viewers were willingly supplying. BMW received all types of personal information from their market segment, before they were able to watch the films. This gives BMW a pool of information that they can use to send out more promotional materials. BMW utilized non-traditional marketing in their films by creating a new and exciting campaign around their vehicles. This campaign included previews of what appeared to be movies directing people to check out the website to view the full length films. BMW vehicles were not the center of attention in any of the films; they were more like the co-star that brought the plot to life. In the BMW Film...
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