Bmw’s Dream Factory & Culture

Topics: Organization, October 31, Gale Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: November 21, 2009
Title: BMW’s Dream Factory & Culture
Course: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
According to studies, the new workers in a company sharpen and adjust to the culture in an easy and quick manner. This happens as the employees working in an organization have the feeling of team working in a manner of family (Lawton, n.d). BMW has this type of working culture, which can be pronounced as an entrepreneurial work culture. Another instance that helps in knowing that BMW has an entrepreneurial culture is from the fact that, workers joining the organization have the feeling of their own place in the team. They have a clear idea of the mission that has to be accomplished. This can be attained only if the employees in the organization work at the same level and understand each other. Thus, work culture that has been developed in a company allows and makes sure the employees work side by side and not in an extra professional hierarchy’s manner (BMW’s dream factory and culture, 2005). These are all the factors that together give surety that BMW has an entrepreneurial culture of work. Creating an entrepreneurial work culture includes various factors to be considered. These are treating people with respect, employee’s health, and open doors for communication and maintaining camaraderie (Murray, Poole and Jones, 2006). The case clearly states that the staff in an organization if work side by side, can bring in the quality of open door communication in an organization. The company offers best salaries to the employees along with health benefits that make sure of employees motivation being always high at the work. The case also narrates that every move that is decided in the company, is the result of organization’s informal networks that are formed in the company, along with many number of brain storming sessions. This states that employees in the organization have respect to each other while discussing ideas that are generated in their mind (BMW’s dream factory and...

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