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BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (BMS) (SEMESTER Vth & VIth) REVISED SYLLABUS AND PATTERN OF QUESTION PAPER (With Effect from the Academic Year 2010-2011) I. Syllabus SEMESTER (V) Subject Human Resource Management Service Sector Management Financial Management Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Elective I : (i) Special Studies in Marketing OR (ii) Special Studies in Finance OR (iii) E-Commerce Project Work Theory: 60 marks + Internals : 40 marks = 100 marks Total 600 marks (50-60 Lectures per subject ---- 4 Lectures per week). + 200 marks project (grad4es to be allocated). SEMESTER (VI) Subject

Sub Code 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6

Sub Code 6.1 Entrepreneurship and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises 6.2 Operations Research 6.3 International Finance 6.4 Indian management Thought and Practices 6.5 International Marketing 6.6 Elective II : (i) Retail Management OR (ii) Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management OR (iii) Econometrics Theory : 60 marks + internals : 40 marks = 100 marks Total 600 marks (50-60 Lectures per subject ---- 4 Lectures per week).


II. Assessment Pattern – 100 Marks (given on the last page). SEMESTER V 5.1 Human Resource Management Units I Title Introduction to HRM • Definition, Features, Scope/Functions of HRM, Definition of Personnel Management • Evolution of HRM/Trends in HRM • Difference between HRM and PM. • Challenges before the HR manager. • Role of HR Manager. • Traits / Characteristics of the worldforce. • Personnel Philosophy. • Personnel Manual. Human Resource Planning • Definition of HRP • Process of HRP along with brief coverage of personnel demand and supply forecasting techniques. • Factors affecting HRP. • Human Resource Information System (HRIS). • VRS, Outsourcing, Pink slip / termination / retrenchment / downsizing / separation. • Contracting and Sub-contracting. • Promotions and Transfers. Job Analysis, Job Design and Job Evaluation • Job Analysis – Definition, methods of collecting job data, ments and demerits/limitations. • Job Design-Definition, Factors affecting Job Design. Approaches to Job Design. • Job Evaluation – Definition, methods of job evaluation process of Job Evaluation. Recruitment, Selection and Induction • Recruitment–Definition, sources of recruitment, merits and demerits. • Selection-Definition, process of selection, types of selection tests, types of interviews. • Induction/Orientation-definition, methods process • Placement Training and Development • Definition of Training and Development. • Methods of training managers. No. of Lectures 14




• Process/procedure of conducting training programme. • How to evaluate effectiveness of training programmes. • Advantages of T&D. • Performance Appraisal • Definition of Performance Appraisal. • Methods of Appraisal for managers – traditional and modern. • Process/procedure of conducting performance appraisal. • Advantages of performance appraisal. • Limitations of Appraisal. Compensation management • Definition of compensation. • Components of Salary / Salary slip. • Fringe Benefits – definition and types. • Performance linked incentives / incentives – definition, advantages and disadvantages. Career Planning And Development • Definition of Career Planning and Career Development. • Process/Procedure of Career Planning. • Career Stages/Career Life Cycle and how to handle personnel at each stage. • Essentials to make career planning successful. • Career Counselling. • Employee Retention techniques. • Succession planning. Participative Management • Definition of Participative Management. • Levels of participation. • Trends in Participative Management. • Factors essential for successful participative management. • Forms of participation. • Participation through Quality Circles. • Empowered Teams. Industrial Relations • Definition of Industrial Relations. • Features of Industrial Relations. • Importance of Industrial...
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