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Introduction :

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) garden department is a department which has the authority over 877 plots all over Mumbai as well as authority over more than 19,00,877 trees . As in the year 2008-2009 the garden department planted 19,00,877 tress. The garden deparment is divided in three department according to the areas, they are city with 234 plots , west with 433 plots and east department with 210 plots . The objective of the department is to reduce pollution ,create healthy environment for the citizens.

How does the BMC garden department develops garden:

According to the words of the BMC garden department officials, to built garden it reqires planning and keeping the mind the area of the garden as well as the materials, a expenditure sheet is prepare to finalise the plan. The garden department prepares gardens equally in terms of expenditure and structure in all areas of Mumbai irrespective of the locality , class and standard of the people. The gardens are develop according to the reservation of land , population in the area, open spaces available before and after the development of the garden. Thus the garden department always tries for maximum development considering the open space concept. The department develops a jogging track for the youngsters, children corners and nani park for the senior citizens. The garden department used to allow the adaptation and development of the garden to various NGO’s and private firm on the open space land which are available in the city and which are not included in 877 plots of BMC garden department. If the owner breaks the rules or uses the garden area for illegal activities then the BMC takes control of the garden , confiscating the rights from the owner. The department also used to approach to various private firms for the sponsorship and maintenance of the garden, but now the state government has put a halt to this policy Many gardens are adopted, but even then the BMC garden dept is blamed for the bad conditions of the gardens, so hence-forth the BMC garden dept has stopped the policy of adoption. Silmilarly the BMC blames the people for the bad condition of the gardens in slums areas, stating that the conditions of the gardens depands upon the nature of the users. Thus the BMC develops garden in this order Planning, Executing the plan, Finalizing, Funding, Building, Maintaining.The overall procedure takes duration of around 3years to complete a single garden.

Works of the BMC garden department:

According to the statics we gathered from the BMC garden department, total plots available is 877 allover Mumbai, including Eastern Western and City. Now it was in 2007 that the garden department took steps to develop the plots at a faster rate due to continuous complaint by the people staying in the areas ofAndheri, Juhu and from suburbs. Neglected and forgotten, small open spaces in the city’s various neighborhoods had become the favorite haunts of drug addicts and anti-social elements. So it was obligatory from the side of department to develop the plots as soon as possible and to turn it into gardens, playgrounds and recreation grounds. BMC spent at around 100crores to develop 84 gardens in 2007. Funds provided for redevelopment were increased from 10 lakhs to about 1.1crore as said by Mr. Rao (vice superintendent, Garden Department). Presently as per data more than 50% of the plots are well developed into Gardens, Playgrounds and Recreational parks. Some of the examples are Nandadeep garden, Bandra; Cooperaje garden. The residents of Haridas Park, Dahisar (W), now have a one-acre park right in the middle of the dense residential locality. Earlier, the plot was just a wasteland. But now residents come for their morning walks and children play here in the evening. The Ramesh Nagar garden, which is a three-acre plot with a natural slope, is developed with one part as a garden, another as a play area for...
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