Bluewolf Case Study

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Management consulting Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: January 28, 2015
Yuhang Sun
Prof. Martin A Dias
MISM 2301
Bluewolf Case Questions
1 Describe the business model for Bluewolf, including the variety of services it provides and its primary value discipline/strategic focus (two multi-part lists) Blue wolf is a consulting company that providing cloud-based software development and consulting service to help company innovating business processes and technologies. Bluewolf provides services across the systems product lifecycle, such as assisting clients with design, development, support, and ongoing maintenance of software solutions. the company also offers different level of engagement: contract for hiring, time-bound projects, and permanent placement. Blue wolf also help other business and other cloud-based platforms come up with the strategies and solutions,, such as developing sales project,ongoing classes about specific systems and design a predictive analytic solution. Based on the cloud, bluewolf has offices across the globe and clients are also around the world with different industry and sector. Company’s mainly clients are mid-size and large scale clients, but it also start-up business which are not mature. Bluewolf don’t believe”one size fits all”, so they also different strategy for different clients. According to their wide range services provided and global office located, bluewolf run the business so successful. 2 Describe three information problems (one at each level) that would help justify the expense of Bluewolf services (list) -helping clients to collect data and making the predict for the specific problems -helping clients to built up the fit application and software to meet the clients requirement -helping clients come up with strategy for different problems

3 Given that many organizations select cloud-based solutions in order to reduce costs, describe the TCO considerations a CIO could offer to make a business case for acquiring software solution and strategic consulting services...
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