Bluetooth Technology: Examining the Tools' Effect on Business and Home Usage

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Bluetooth Technology: Examining the New Communication Tools’ Effect on Business and Home Usage Angela D. Davis
Strayer University

Information Systems for Decision Making (CIS 500)
Dr. Akpan
June 4, 2006

Bluetooth technology has become one of the newest ways we can communicate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime we choose. It has essentially become just another part or natural way of how we communicate. The goal of this paper is to examine how this technology has changed the way we now do business, how we work, and how we live. In doing so, we will look at the cause and effect of this new technological relationship and the significance of the new hand held devices usage for communication. Being able to have this Bluetooth technology has given us the ability to talk to people around the world as if they were standing in the next room with no wires or cables attached. This is important as we continue to explore even greater capability of means to become a totally wireless world by using this new Bluetooth technology and discovering how far it will continue to grow until the next new invention to communicate comes along in the future.

When you walk around any city streets, as you are driving around any city or town, or if you are in the next cubicle to a co-worker, you have seen this technology probably more times than you can count or perhaps even better odds remembering when you did not see it attached to someone’s right or left ear. We seem now to not only be connected at the hip, but now also connected at the ear. To give you a little background on how I see the progression of technology from whence it developed, take a little time here to go back where it began to change. I can remember a time when we had only the pay phones to use in which we sometimes had to wait our turns to use. Having a land line phone at home or at your place of work was then considered a luxury (I’m talking from the 50’s to the early 90’s) back then. We then by the mid 90’s started seeing the evolution from the big “brick” cell phones to a much smaller cell phone about the comfortable size of a small hand. At this time, we began to see also the computer revolution to smaller and faster components. Then by the mid to late 90’s cell phones became even smaller with lots of gadgets such as games, software, Internet connections, two-way connections (walkie talkie), and input devices. Now, fast forward to the new millennium, not only have this tech savvy phone/hand held tools became much smaller, they could do just about anything imaginable. This new sleeker, faster technology is able to communicate or connect you to your home systems such as laptops or stand alone computers and servers. Let us not forget now in this year of 2006 we can take a picture by phone, listen to our own music by phone or the hip iPod or MP3 players when ever we want, plus download any music or pictures from these new tech savvy devices. Whew, we’ve come along way since the bulky past devices and unsure technology.

We have now begun the new transition to a greater use of technology by becoming wireless for all new phones, computer systems, and laptops. This is where Bluetooth steps in and becomes an important tool for all in how we communicate in today’s world. In this new world in coming of age with Bluetooth technology, it is said, “The more we integrate new components and devices into our homes and everyday lives the more we have to connect.” (Chow, 2005, p.1) This means that we have more wires to connect with a faster evolving technology. Chow also says “ Many people now use mobile cellular phones to make calls even when they are away from home, and instead of relying on cables to connect computers together, we now have 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking technology.” (Chow, 2005, p.1) He also says that “Now Bluetooth technology has emerged to unite various devices so that they can work with each...

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