Bluetooth Technology

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Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is set to become the revolutionary communications tool that will affect all our lives in one form or another. It will simplify the operation and installation of both new and existing products. Its functionality will be, for the most part, invisible and seamless. Bluetooth's greatest gift will inevitably be its user-transparency and enhancement of efficiency, productivity and communication.

How can Bluetooth, the emerging wireless technology, improve efficiency, productivity and communication by sparking consumer interest through altering the way business is done using the innovative products of Bluetooth?

Explanation of the Technology
•What is Bluetooth technology?
oA low-cost, low-power, short-range, radio technology open standard for development of personal area networks (PANs) oA Bluetooth chip is designed to replace cables by taking the information normally carried by the cable, and transmitting it at a special frequency to a receiver Bluetooth chip •Brief history of Bluetooth

oThe name Bluetooth, is derived from Harald Blatånd, who was the King of Denmark from approximately A.D. 940 to 985 - "Blatånd" translates to "Blue Tooth" oBluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was founded in February 1998 by Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Toshiba, and Nokia oBluetooth specification version 1.0 was released in July 1999 and version 1.1 in February 2001 •How does Bluetooth work?

oMany Bluetooth-enabled devices operate through a battery; consequently, the power consumption to make the device communicate over radio is very low – hence the radio should emanate low power oBluetooth helps in creating a small network of devices that are close to one another - the range is very short, typically about 10 meters oThe range is dependent on the power of the radio transmitter – the higher the power, the higher the range •System Specifications:

oOperating frequency, operating range, services supported, data rates, network topology: These aspects will be defined in depth in the research paper •Suppliers and consumers of Bluetooth
oMicrosoft Corporation, Nokia Corporation, Intel Corporation, Motorola, Toshiba Corporation, Agere Systems, Ericsson, and IBM Corporation are the main developers of Bluetooth technology oDevices and products such as desktop PCs, laptops, PDAs, keyboard, mouse, mobile phones, LAN access points, microwave ovens, point of sale terminals and ATMs are developed to supply businesses and consumers •Trends of Bluetooth:

oThe future of Bluetooth and a projection of its expectancy in the approaching business future –paving its way for competition and lowered costs oBluetooth's merging abilities of efficient communication upon our society and how its integration with business has changed our economy oEnhancing a wide range of market segments including software developers, peripheral and camera manufacturers, silicon vendors, mobile PC and handheld developers, consumer electronics manufacturers and the automotive industry oThe current trends will represent how nascent Bluetooth technology is in the research report

Application and Uses of the Technology in Business
•Bluetooth used in organizations today:
oBluetooth is used for many different ways from transferring information between laptops, desktops, mobile phones, fax machines, printers, PDAs, data sharing and synchronization etc. oCommercial vehicles with Bluetooth systems for driver communications, hands free calling and data capture oHospitals are employing the use of wireless pulse oximeters to reduce the likelihood of a patient accidentally removing the pulse receiver oMore emphasis on Bluetooth uses in business will be in the research paper •Bluetooth's applications:

oMany applications are developed to encompass Bluetooth – audio, video, desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile phones etc. •Strengths of Bluetooth:
oNo trouble...

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