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Topics: Carnegie Mellon University, Self-esteem, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: April 23, 2013
English 076
The Relationship Between Self-Identity and Self-Worth
Thesis: Self-identity is defined as “Awareness of and identification with oneself as a separate individual”. ( Self-esteem, a synonym to self-worth, as defined by, is “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.” It is therefore apparent that these aspects are directly related to one another. In order for one to recognize how much he is worth, he must first be aware of who he is. I. What is self-identity?

A. In the Bluest Eye, the main character wishes that she were white with blonde hair and blue eyes. 1. Pecola is able to identify herself as an African-American, she just does not want to be that “ugly” person; she would much rather be a little white girl. 2. “Each pale yellow wrapper has a picture on it…Smiling white face. Blonde hair in gentle disarray, blue eyes looking at her….To Pecola, they are simply pretty…To eat the candy is somehow to eat the eyes, eat Mary Jane. Love Mary Jane. Be Mary Jane.” B. Perera claims that “Your personal identity is the way that you see yourself and is closely related to your self-image. It is very important to you because it will affect the way you feel about yourself and how you behave in challenging situations.” 3. Your identity includes: “who are you?”, “what makes you unique?”, “what are your values?”, “how do you see your body?”, “how do you see yourself internally?”, “how do you see yourself in relation to others?”, and “what are your personal goals?” 4. Your identity may be close to how other people see you or it can be very different from how others see you. One of the biggest problems people have with their personal identity is that they may not accept or be aware of who they are and what they believe. II. What is self-worth

C. In the Bluest Eye, the main character believes that because she is not of Caucasian descent, she is...
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