Bluescope Steel Industry Study

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BlueScope Steel

Industry Study – Report Summary
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BlueScope Steel Industry Study

Background Information of the Organization
* BlueScope Steel originally began as Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) Company Ltd. It was initially a mining company which mined silver, lead and zinc in 1885. * In 1915, BHP first moved into the steel making industry. * In 1918, John Lysaght Pty Ltd was founded after merging with BHP. * AIS were formed in 1928, after merging with BHP where it operated in Port Kembla as a steelworks. * In March 2001, BHP announced two major decisions: that it was merging with the mining house Billiton to form a dual-listed company called BHP Billiton. In July 2002 BlueScope Steel was to be spun out from BHP Billiton and became a separate Australian publicly listed company. * Engineering Technical Services evolved from the Design Department which began in the early 1930’s. Since that time several restructures have occurred during the mid-1990’s which eventually formed Engineering Technical Services. * Engineering Technical Services was renamed after BHP-Billiton spinout to Engineering providing an engineering service and support to their Plant Operations at BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla.

Structural Factors
Organisation and Management:
Management decisions are made through the Board of Directors. BlueScope’s Steels Board of Directors management style reflects a democratic leadership role. The board encourages ideas from employees and follows suggestions, adjusts views to support a consensus. Marketing and Sales

Engineering provide a service to the steel industry mainly at Port Kembla works and assists abroad when required. This is all in house service support to various plants in the steel division. Services are provided to Blast Furnaces, Iron Making Plants, Basic Oxygen Steel (B.O.S), Plate Mill, Slab Caster and Hot Strip Mill.

Production and Efficiency
Engineering produces drawings and designs for clients so they can produce or create the designs in the real world for a use and purpose. When designing products Engineering has numerous acts and government regulations to comply with. Designs are often also produced using computer aided design (C.A.D) which consequently speeds up production time by allowing designers to draw and customize drawings at any time in the production process. Efficiency is producing a product or service to create the biggest possible profit with minimal use of energy, resources and costs. The efficiency of BlueScope Steel - Engineering is improved mainly based on technologies and computer programs such as CAD to better production and design work. Technology and Restructuring

Technologies used at BlueScope Steel - Engineering Department are software and hardware such as printers, plotters, telephones etc. These technologies all improve production, efficiency and also reduce safety hazards to employees. Restructuring involves the reorganizing or rearranging of a company. Restructuring has occurred in the past. In 1999, Hatch amalgamated with BHP engineering which was a subsidiary division of BHP Steel. This was a particularly large event within the franchise. Furthermore; in 2001 the design department was sold to Peter Ellsmore and Associates, which consequently outsourced the services of BlueScope Steel. Quality Control

Quality Control is the maintenance of acceptable quality of products and services. It is a set of procedures that cover all key processes in the business. Quality control is practiced on a daily basis at BlueScope Steel Technical Engineering Services. Quality control in designing at Engineering is monitored through documentation, design, calculation and drawings. Technical Factors

Mechanisation has replaced human manual function with new technologies; however it still requires human control. New technologies are constantly eliminating safety...
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