Blue Spider Project

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MODULE M1: Project Management: Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving CASE:The Blue Spider Project

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Table of Contents
1Executive Summary3
3SWOT Analysis on the Blue Spider Project (Current Situation)5
4Problems Identified through SWOT Analysis10
4.1Lack of Leadership skills for both Henry Gable and Gary Anderson10
4.2Lack of Communication Skills11
4.3Lack of Delegation Skills12
4.4Lack of team effectiveness13
4.5The following functions are furthermore also not carried out (Gido):15
5The Balanced Score Card16
5.1The Balanced Score Card factors as follows (
6.1Remedying of the current situation19

Executive Summary
The SWOT analysis conducted on the current situation at Parks Corporation, in terms of the Blue Spider Project, revealed that there exist a lack of leadership skills, a lack of internal processes, lack of delegation skills, lack of communication skills and a lack of team effectiveness. The main causes identified for these problems were a lack in leading, creating, implementing and improving functions. The result of these issues was that the current matrix function is dysfunctional and the value system seems inefficient. Poor communication and a lack in customer driven perspective were highlighted. To correct the situation, the focus should be on correcting the problem areas identified in the SWOT analysis, under weaknesses and threats. It will therefore be part of the recommendation that serious attention be placed on strategic planning, utilizing the balanced score card. In addition to the leadership skills that will be mentioned throughout the evaluation of the case study, internal processes, learning and growth within Parks Corporation, financial processes and customer factors will be highlighted. This will result in a balanced matrix organizational structure as per figure 1 and areas of strategic importance will be focused on. Parks Corporation will have to take a risk management approach and it must be determined what their core business is. Once this decision has been made, the company will have to analyze if they are geared to deliver accordingly. Bad project management and communication are adding to the factors that will ensure the failure of a project and caution must be taken when putting people into the functions as stipulated in the matrix structure.

Parks Corporation is an engineering company that used to specialize in the R&D (research and develop) business. The company expanded rapidly but had to lay-off employees during the late sixties due to the recession. Furthermore, Parks Corporation decided to change its area of specialty to compete as a low-cost production facility. The company did not however amend their vision, mission and strategic objectives, which set Parks Corporation up for failure in terms of future projects that might have been awarded to them.

It is clear that although Parks Corporation made the decision to apply the matrix organizational structure, change management did not take place and people with the wrong skills are being placed in the wrong positions.

According to (Kuprenas*), research has shown that successful implementation of a matrix structure in any form of organization can be...

Bibliography: Effective Stakeholder Management.Course Material.Continuing education at the University of Pretoria.
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[ 1 ]. The fact that roles and responsibilities are at this stage not clearly defined can result in individuals feeling mislead when the roles are clearly defined and implemented and possibly not to the expectation of certain individuals. The situation of more internal conflict can arise and possibly loss of key staff.
[ 2 ]. It seems that proper guidelines regarding authority were not implemented when the organization formed a matrix structure or if these guidelines were formed they are not brought under the attention of new staff and should be revisited on a regular basis when staff joins the organization.
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