Blue Ocean Strategy Review

Topics: Blue Ocean Strategy, Cirque du Soleil, Business model Pages: 6 (1936 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Blue Ocean Strategy
Book Review
Sah Rizal bin Salleh

The Authors wrote this book in such a unique way and tremendous, a direct challenge and oppose of the well-known “Red Ocean Strategy”. To make it clear and justifying my true insight about this book, I’ll explain a piece of Red before we go deep into the Blue Ocean. Red is basically one would say as a “Standard Operating Method” of people getting into each other, everyone is eager in their own way to succeed, getting the better half of the pie thus creating a blood bath in the process. Blue, on the other hand, look for a niche and even smaller pie of the pie, which means you’d need great eyes to spot and make the differences. The best thing is, it out the simplest possibility of new entrant no matter how tempting their product and services are, luck didn’t even had the chance. Most books might be view as “Think of an original idea, don’t copy what’s been done” but Blue Ocean Strategy would get you wrong on that assumption. Others might urge you to think, think, and continuously thinking, but Blue itself shapes you into rethinking. Radical rethinking on how the company being structured, ways they are run, and get better on relationship which most have failed to foresee for the past 20 years. To think of it, what’s most valuable is that, you don’t have to Einstein to come out with an idea or what, just rethink of a better way. The Cirque du Soleil does not invent the circus, it just somehow reinvent it and turn it to life, an industry. The beauty of Blue, it does not ignore on the obvious part that Red Ocean is there, a reality of success, but if you could get a head start, sail through calm water before the storm, others might find it real hard to catch up or even survive the harsh weather. Getting on every detail, the cornerstone of the Blue Ocean Strategy, Value Innovation. Practically, it suggests an idea that, rather than concentrating on beating your opponent, be smart, prioritize on making the competition irrelevant. Create more value both for the company and buyer to see, get them into your charm and lead them to your uncontested market space, the Blue Ocean. This not only helps you to secure a market but it would save you a bundle on cost required for competition. Note on, six principles of Blue Ocean Strategy:

1. Reconstruct market boundaries
2. Focus on the big pictures, not the numbers
3. Reach beyond existing demands
4. Get the strategic sequence right
5. Overcome key organisational hurdles
6. Build execution into strategy
These principles play their every part on the book. It point out and criticize the idea made by Michael Porter’s that successful businesses are either low cost providers or niche player. The book comes up with a more attractive proposal, that finding values around conventional market segmentation and offering value plus at a lower cost. It was originally an idea by Charles W.L Hills, an educator that says combination of differentiation and low cost might come in handy for firms to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The authors made it a statement and over 40 countries have read it and understand that what previously stated as irrelevant were beneficial in today’s business world.

The book is rich and contains extremely in depth real actions to take. It’s not just book where written letters was from up front to the end of the page, they make it really diverse and it capture readers’ attention. Proper use of flow charts and graphs which is not only helpful but made us easier to understand, case studies was also interwoven into the text so readers won’t have to hung their self because of boredom or overwhelm. The authors gave a compelling and well documented piece of art, mapped out some useful conceptual frameworks for exploring Blue Ocean Strategy in the context of any business. Portrays a strategy with fundamentally different assumptions than what competitors would actually do. Most book in...
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