Blue Collar
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Blue- Collar workers are the ones that deserve the most respect in this world. They work so hard to perfect what they actually do. In the short passage Mike Rose expresses his own emotion not only towards his life but he basically broke it down for us piece by piece. He starts off by telling us his experience with being with his mom in the restaurant that she works at when he was a little kid. He learned a lot of things about the restaurant when he was there; most importantly he learned the hardship of being an adult.
He tells us how is mom was always on point with things like scanning the restaurant like she was a hawk for people that needed help and to satisfy their needs because they were the valuable customers. He would say how she would make work easier for the workers because she knew that everyone has their own little problem so she had to speak with them with a tone they will make them more comfortable with their work instead of making them more sad or upset because she wanted to make not only the customers happy but also her fellow co-workers. She did many more things than just that, the way she served her customers were amazing to him because of how many plates she can hold in both arms and how she can remember each and every one of the orders for which customer. He knew the mental and physical work his mom goes through all from watching his mom work every day. It takes intelligence to run a restaurant the way his mom does. As Mike Rose said “She never wasted a single movement” (Pg. 246) which she never does as you can tell.
Soon Mike started talking about education how he struggled throughout freshman year but he soon realized how education can help him make a life for himself. He went on to study humanities, social and psychological science. He taught for 10 years then went back to grad school to study even more. He believes that intelligence is closely associated with formal education- the type of schooling a person has. (Pg. 247) This was his train

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