Blue Blood of the Big Astana Lit. Crit.

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, World War II Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: June 18, 2013
By: Ibrahim Jubaira (1941)

“Although the heart may care no more, the mind can always recall.” Ibrahim Jubaira started with that. The main character, Jafaar, recalled all the bittersweet memories he had with the blue blooded girl of the big astana, whom he loved a long time ago. The story tells us the life of a Muslim when this short story is written because of the different symbols used in the story like the blue blood and the big astana, the bittersweet memories of Jafaar and the appearance of the Christian Government. These symbols used in the story define the life of a Muslim in 1941 on the eve of World War II where Christians migrated to Mindanao. (“Blue Blood of the Big Astana”, 5)

The blue blood and the big astana are used to define the life of a Muslim. The Muslim community is showed in the story because of the appearance of the words usually associated to the Muslims like Ramadan, Quran, and Mohammedan. In my reading, the blue blood represents the superiority of the Muslims before the migration of the Christian Society. In the text, it says that the daughter of the datu has blue blood and the datu is the leader of the society. He is the superior of the Muslims at that time. While the big astana represents the community of the Muslims. The astana shows that the Muslims have their own community and they consider themselves as an individual or separated from the others. One text in the story when the astana was made bigger by the time that Dayang-Dayang, the daughter of the datu, was married shows that the Muslims widen their community and they wanted to spread their religion.

These symbols show how independent the Muslims were before the Christians went to Mindanao to migrate. Another thing showed in the story is the rich traditions of the Muslims like the wedding of Dayang-Dayang and the young datu. It showed how they give importance to their traditions and culture. We can say that their way of celebrating occasions...
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