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Blu Electronic Cigarettes: Ad Analysis

By Peterm72 Dec 03, 2013 446 Words


Blu electronic cigarettes are a lot cleaner than regular cigarette brands because they produce no odor or ash. BluCigs are a great alternative because they contain no tobacco and run off of water vapor. They still do contain some nicotine in them to give some effect to the people who are using them as a way to quit cigarettes. The main advertisement strategy that Blu electronic cigarettes uses is to show how there product is healthier and cleaner. BluCigs advertisement successfully argues that Blu electronic cigarettes is cleaner through the color choice and people in portraits.

The advertisement is a simple picture with complex details within it. The name of the company is Blu electronic cigarettes which is convenient for the color scheme of the image. The image incorporates the color blue throughout the whole picture as the main focus point in the ad. I feel they added this to the image to better advertise BluCigs and get people to remember their brand through the color blue.

The ad has several different advertisement strategies in it, the color scheme was a main one but the ad uses ethos pathos and logos to also advertise better. The ad uses ethos in it because Peter 2 they chose a pretty decent looking man to be in it. Surprisingly it would also happen that the man has light blue eyes which is most likely part of the companies idea of the whole blue color scheme. Pathos is used in the ad by the saying "Rise from the Ash" and other facts to demonstrate why its an urgency that you should quit smoking and try BluCigs as an alternative. The company uses Logos to show how you only have to buy the E cigarette once and just recharge it so you end up saving money instead of buying packs of cigarettes constantly.

BluCigs is an electronic cigarette and there main target audience is teenagers and young men because they want to make BluCigs seem cool. Just the same way top cigarette companies advertise to younger kids same does BluCigs so they can lore them in and get them to keep purchasing there products. Although it does not produce any smoke or ash the vapor can still be inhaled by bystanders according to an article by "".

I know that this ad follows multiple different marking strategies to better advertise there product and that there product is a lot healthier for people. I chose those ad not just because i like the way they advertised there product but i personally like how it is healthier for you and doesn't have that annoying ash or disgusting smell regular cigarettes leave everywhere.

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