Blozis Case

Topics: Procurement, Supply chain management, Purchasing Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Executive Summary
The Blozis Company currently face challenges in their supply chain due to a variety of reasons. The company which manufactures products that are complex, technological and engineering driven have poor procurement procedures that are creating issues for various departments in there organization. Blozis needs to make changes to a variety of steps in the supply chain in order to maximizes there employees skill sets and insure product is ordered to specification, timely, accounted for properly, received and expedited in order to maximize the companies efficiencies and create less problems in the supply chain. I recommend that Blozis should change make changes to some of the procurement staff duties to better utilize their skill sets and create an easier purchasing process for the operations department. The company must also invest in up to date software to gain the ability of tracking expenses to particular areas as well as knowing when and where goods have been received in the organization. Issue Identification

Blozis structure of the organization is currently not coinciding with proper procurement procedures as people in the organization do not follow consistent practices. Ordering and requisitions are done with little or no approval process and the monies being allocated to each order are not accounted for until month end. These problems in the supply chain are also coupled with a lack of receiving and storing of goods properly so end users know when and where it is once arrived. In the short term Blozis must first define its roles of employees in the organization. The company is currently spreading out duties with crossover on some and not on others making it confusing for requisitioners having a go to person for procurement help. This problem is only compounded by the organization lack of approval process for obtaining goods and poor tracking measures for accounting and receiving needs. After defining roles and how they will function in...
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