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Bloom's Taxonomy and Nursing Education
Beverly Andrus
NUR/427 Health and Chronic Disease Management
January 9, 2012
Myra Ball

Bloom's Taxonomy and Nursing Education
Bloom’s Taxonomy model has three domains. These are cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. Nurses use these three domains when they are teaching patients. It takes knowledge, attitude, and skills for patients to learn something new that they will need to know to take care of themselves effectively. Nurses use Blooms educational information to develop teaching plans that work. Bloom’s revised cognitive domain (Krathwohl, 2002) is about the knowledge gaining portion of a student or patient’s efforts. In the first two steps a patient is gaining knowledge about her new diagnosis and the nurse needs to get the patient the information so she can start to remember this new knowledge and develop a genuine comprehension of the information. The next step would be for the patient to apply this knowledge to her own situation. Analyzing this information takes a patient to the next level so she can question and test her new knowledge. Moving up to the next level the patient evaluates the information or justifies it and supports this new way of thinking. Finally the patient formulates a new point of view in regard to her diagnosis and can create a plan that helps achieve her goals. Blooms second domain is called the Affective domain because it is about the feelings and emotions that have to be recognized for learning. The patient has to open her mind and heart to receive new information. There are five hierarchies in this domain and first is receiving, the patient needs to be attentive, listen, and remember to realize why the change needs to happen. Responding is the next order and participating in the conversations with the educator to ask questions. Valuing is next, and here value is realized in what she has learned and acceptance starts to take place. Organizing...

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