Bloody Mary Source Paper

Topics: Mary I of England, Edward VI of England, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Bloody Mary Source Paper

Source A seems to agree with the statement because it shows an ambassador advising king Phillip not to burn as Many people in England as he did in Spain after he had just seen the first burning in Mary’s reign and the peoples reaction to it. I think that this source is reliable because it has no reason not to be reliable this is because he is informing the king and not painting a picture of Mary doing something heroic. Using my own knowledge I know that Mary did lots of gruesome burnings but her most gruesome was probably when she burnt a protestant butler in his own barrel. Another good burning was when Thomas Cranmer signed a contract to become a catholic when Mary’s right hand man threatened him to. He was made to announce it to the public but instead he said that he was still as protestant as ever he was sentence to be burned. As he was being burned he put the hand that he wrote the contract to become catholic with and stuck into the fire then he said the famous words “this unworthy hand.”

The other source that agrees with the statement is source C From the Foxe’s book of martyrs this means that it is probably not reliable since the book was written in a protestant error and by a bunch of protestants it is also a painting which are easy to exaggerate and make the protestants look really tough.

I think source D definitely disagrees because it is showing Mary giving a sick child her blessing. However, using my own knowledge, I Know that Mary burnt lots of young protestant children, which contradicts. I think that this source is fairly reliable since it is contemporary. Then again it is a painting, which are easy to exaggerate a disadvantage of it being contemporary is that Mary probably would of burned the person who painted it if it had shown he doing something horrible like burning a child.

Source B also seems to disagree since the historian thinks that is scandalist that people think Mary was a spiteful fanatical woman...
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