Blood Wedding Role of Knives

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World Lit Outline
Thesis: The importance of honour in determining marriage prospects in the Latin American society, shown through the use of metaphors and symbols in the literary works; Blood Wedding and Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Body (Blood Wedding):

In the literary work blood wedding the author employ
ys various symbols to emphasize the importance of honour in determining marriage prospects. •Knife used to symbolize the retrieval of the lost honour in the novels. •Knife used as a symbol of vengeance for the honour lost. •Use of knife in the novel Blood Wedding in its different meanings. (death to the mother), (vengeance to the bridegroom)Reference to different activities done by the “bride” to signify the honourable nature of the bride. •Virginity

Body 2 (Chronicle of a Death Foretold):
On the other hand, in “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” the author uses various symbols in order to symbolize honour. •Virginity/stain of honour
The knife is referred to as a sacrificial tool which shows that Santiago Nasar was but a sacrifice for the Vicario’s honour. •Bride returned as she was not “honourable.” In order to marry the bride needs to be honourable “virgin” but Angela Vicario was not hence she was returned. Body 3 (Comparing/Contrasting):

Highlight the importance of a virgin wife in Latin American marriages. •Why Angela Vicario didn’t fit the bill.
What was dishonourable about the conduct of the bride in Blood Wedding. •Why the marriages didn’t work out.
Reiterate the importance of honour in marriages.
Rephrase thesis.
Conclude with the statement that emphasizes the importance of honour in Latin American Marriages.
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