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Initial Consultation
Date 18th November 2012
Interview held between Mr. & Mrs. Kinyua (clients). I am going to refer to myself as S and my clients as C S: Describe your business.
C: Ridgemount Group of Schools was started in the year 2002 and is located in Kirinyaga County, Kirinyaga West District. The school’s motto is ‘Dare to be great’ and the mission statement is to provide world class education at an affordable local cost that is accessible to both urban and rural occupants. S: Explain the current marketing system in place.

C: We need to create vast public awareness and broaden our targeted clientele. Currently we are working with distribution of flyers. We opted for this method of marketing because the traditional forms of marketing are not cost effective for small start-up businesses like ours. However, the people it is attracting mostly come from the rural areas whereas the urban area remains untouched. This therefore beats the logic of our mission statement. S: Briefly describe the inadequacies of the current marketing system. C: The production of the flyers is very expensive. Also this method calls for intense manual labour; our workers are forced to walk around different locations distributing these flyers. S: How far you willing to stretch your boundaries in order to implement change for the better of your schools marketing strategy? C: Our school is relatively new therefore we do not mind testing the waters here I and there. Our minds and the aura of the school is very flexible at the moment and change is most welcome within our school grounds. S: If any, what are the current threats your school faces?

C: I believe that the current threats and fears we have at the moment are; Competition from high end primary schools.
Fear of customer disinterests due to the school’s location. S: What do you have in mind for your new system?
C: A website that is interactive. For example if a potential client would like to have a one on one briefing...
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