Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure – Making a formal inference
We often talk about a person’s “blood pressure” as though it is an inherent characteristic of that person. In fact, a person’s blood pressure is different each time you measure it. Blood pressure reacts to stress, diet and genetics. Gender| BP| BP1| BP2| BP3| BP5| BP7| BP10| BP15| diet| female| 101| 101| 101| 101| 101| 101| 101| 101| LowFat| female| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| 103.3| LowFat| male| 104.9| 105.9| 106.9| 107.9| 109.9| 111.9| 114.9| 119.9| HiFat|

The table extract (above) gives a range of systolic blood pressure readings for each of 200 people sampled from those participating in a large British study. The participants were referred to the researchers as they had been identified by their doctors as having high blood pressure. They were also deemed to high risk patients as they generally consumed high fat diets. There was no recorded evidence of other habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption. The first blood pressure reading was taken 5 minutes after they came in for the interview. The participants were then invited to participate in a 15 week study where half were asked to continue their current diet and the other half were asked to follow a low-fat diet. The group of participants who were asked not to change their diet were offered the chance of a tailored diet program after the completion of the study. The participants were asked to return at weekly intervals (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 respectively) to have a reading of their blood pressure taken by the researchers. The researchers used the same sphygmomanometer for each participant and the readings were taken 5 minutes after arrival at the research centre. Note: The systolic phase of the heart beat is when the heart contracts and drives the blood out. Write two comparative questions you could pose regarding this study.

The first stage of the investigation is to...
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