Blood Drive

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Hi I am writing you today to inform you about the benefits of hosting a blood drive. I currently work as a food service manager in your Pechanga Casino Entertainment Center in Temecula, California and while I was pulling in to the parking lot yesterday I overheard on the radio that the Red Cross is very low on their blood supply and since we have a vast amount of people who work for our company I believe this would be a prime location for the Red Cross to come and host a blood drive for both employees and the public. The Red Cross and what they do means a lot to me, about 6 years ago my Aunt was battling heart disease and to keep her alive until they were able to find a matching heart with the same blood type she needed to get a blood transfusion every 3 days and this lasted for over 5 months so the amount of blood she was taking from the Red Cross was unfathomable. If company was to host a blood drive I would need some assistance for you, the board of directors. You will have to provide the water, orange juice, and the snacks for the donors. I can gather the other employees in my work unit and we can direct and help along the way during the blood drive. If you want to participate at you can go to and click the Hosting a Blood Drive link on the top of their webpage and go from there. It would mean a lot to me and the general public of Temecula, California if our company can host this event. I do not see any risk of hosting it here I can only see the benefits for you and your image to the community.
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