Blood Doping Anatomy

Topics: Red blood cell, Blood, Hematology Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: March 6, 2015
Madison Ring
Mrs. Legrotte
Anatomy Block 4
13 December 2014
Blood Doping
Blood Doping is a very controversial topic throughout many high performance athletes all through the world. Blood Doping or erthrocythemia is boosting the number of red blood cells in your blood stream in order to enhance athletic performance. With an increase in red blood cells more oxygen is also produced thus enhancing athletes during a long distance, or long endurance event. There are three widely used types of blood doping which include blood transfusions, injections of erythropoietin (EPO), and injections of synthetic oxygen carriers. Although Blood Doping as a whole is not good for the body, there is one transfusion that is safer than others and that would be the Autologous Transfusion, this transfusion is of the athletes own blood. The other transfusion with more serious health risk and that is Homologous Transfusions in which the athlete uses someone else’s blood to inject in theirs. Blood Doping is a very serious health problem whether an athlete uses their own or someone else’s blood, and the art of Blood Doping is immoral and an unprincipled method of training for any athlete to use for any instance. Blood doping could have opposite effects of those intended. A large infusion of red blood cells could increase blood thickness and cause a decrease in cardiac output and a reduction in oxygen content. Both would reduce aerobic capacity. The human heart was not designed to pump thickened blood throughout the body and, therefore, it could lead to a multitude of problems. Even more frightening is the list of diseases that can be contracted through homologous blood transfusion (It includes hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, and CMV.) Blood doping is used in many high performance athletes and during many high sponsored events such as the Olympics and PGA golf tours, this including the even bigger risk of the consequences of possibly getting kicked out of the sport for years to a lifetime....
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