blood doping

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Blood Doping

Blood doping is the altering of the number of RBC's (red blood cells) to increase the flow of oxygen by a series of techniques. Mostly used by athletes. The most common way is taking out about two pints of the athlete’s blood a few weeks before the competition they are competing in. The blood is frozen until a couple days before it is needed, thawed out, and then injected back into the athlete. This method is known as autologous doping (transfusion of blood from same person). Another type of doping is called homologous which is the transfusion of blood from a different person. And last EPO (Erythropoletin) injections.

There are many cons to using blood doping. One is that your body may reject the blood of someone else if you use the homologous method if your blood type is not exactly the same. They could also be carrying a disease that they don't know about and contract it through the transfusion. Other risks include infection, emboli (blockage of fat, air, or blood clot), and increased blood thickness which could cause strokes, heart attacks, or some type of heart failure. Lastly, since blood doping is illegal, it is not done in a hospital or some sort of sanitary environment by professionals who know what they are doing which just increases the risk for disease or infection. There are not many pros to blood doping. The obvious one is the slight increase/advantage in performance in athletic competition which is not work all the possibilities that come with it.

I am on planet Zooron training for the upcoming Olympics in a few weeks. I am planning on blood doping since I feel very week and tired lately. I have the blood type A. If I received blood type A that was clean of disease and infection I would feel fine and most likely perform at a higher level than usual. More than likely if I was to receive blood type O I would get the same results even though it is not my blood type because it is accepted by most types with only a...
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