Blood Diamond

Topics: Diamond, Edward Zwick, Blood Diamond Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Have you ever thought about what the greatest movie of all time may be? Have you ever been stuck between what makes one better than the other? It may seem simple when you first begin to make your decision and analyze each movie you have seen throughout your lifetime. Wait, think about how the many factors that can really “make or break” any film before you make you final choice. For example, the film’s plot, character choice, believability, and special effects can all make a complete difference. These few differences can make you feel whether or not a movie deserves or is lacking credibility to be titled as number one. One movie that truly deserves this title is Blood Diamond. In Blood Diamond the director Edward Zwick was very smart when strategizing how each and every scene would play out in the film. He made thorough decisions on which moves each character should make and how the interactions among them would be in each scene. All of this planning was done for the sake of clearly understanding the story. The transitions in the film also easily made you feel as if you are part of the diamond trade itself. Piece by piece Zwick was able to prove to you how dangerous life can be in the continent of Africa, especially the war torn country of Sierra Leone. The compelling film pulls you into this dark industry head first and keeps you intrigued every step of the way. Another special quality about Blood Diamond is the plot. Blood Diamond’s plot is very believable and actually based upon true events. With this factor installed, it is hard for your mind to slip away from the movie’s main focus and away from the horrific events that take place among the people. One thing Zwick does is uses the imagery of child soldiers, kidnap, sex, and guns to add to these event even more. This factor alone affects you when you think about how easily it could be you. It seems unreal how these events are happening to real people, especially when it comes down to it being over money and...
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