Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool, and was written in 1983 by Willy Russell. The musical is set in Liverpool. The 1980’s started with probably Liverpool's lowest point of unemployment and because of that riots broke out in Toxteth along with other UK cities.  The area saw huge job losses and the population halved as people left Liverpool to seek work elsewhere. The UK’s view of Liverpool also suffered badly through the way they were shown in TV programs. The setting and date are important to the story because in the early 1980’s unemployment rates in Liverpool were amongst the highest in the UK; an average of 12,000 people each year were leaving the city, because of the massive recession. In this time it was very hard for the uneducated people (working class people) to find a job. Russell decided to write Blood Brothers because he wanted to express his emotions towards the divide between the middle and the working class. Russell believed that the class you belong to determines - to a large amount - your chances in life. In Blood Brothers, these differences are extreme, and Willy Russell describes them very dramatically. The position in the class society predicts the future of the unborn yet child and it draws the path of the life journey.

Having an education is an advantage for those who can afford it; again something out of reach for those stuck in the working class society. Unfortunately, the working class during 1980’s had no opportunities and this led to criminal rate to increase. I can see the huge impact on that particular community because of the lack of proper education and strong family values.

The two brothers, who were separated at birth, are in two opposite classes, Mickey in working class and Eddie in middle class. Russell uses juxtaposition to show, how two bothers from the same mother, can be so different just by growing up in a different class.

The dialogue shows that...
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