Blood Brothers

Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Blood Brothers
The play “Blood Brothers” was written by a music enthusiast Liverpudlian called Willy Russell. It is set in central Liverpool between the 1950’s and the 1980’s. Around this time is when Margret Thatcher was elected to be the first and only woman Prime Minister of England. Many people did not agree with the way she ran things as she believed that there was no such thing as society and equality therefore everyone was an individual. The play is about a set of twins who were separated at birth as their single mother, Mrs Johnstone, was not able to keep them both due to her lack of income. Throughout the play we see the boys, Mickey and Edward, grow up and experience life in different classes. We see how it affects how they act, the way that they speak and the way that they treat others/others treat them. Recurring themes that appear throughout the play are the constant referrals to Marilyn Monroe, the dreams and ambitions of the characters, superstition and fate and the difference between the working class and the upper class. The genre of the play is a tragi-comedy as we see elements of both tragedy and comedy throughout. A moment of tragedy would be when Mickey accidently shoots and kills Eddie, after the big secret that they’re brothers is revealed, and then gets shot himself by the police. A moment of comedy, however, would be when they meet as children and decide to become blood brothers. The play is meant to communicate the genre and the themes of the play by using big, bold and exaggerated acting. This performance style is very non-naturalistic as there are big jumps in time in order to show their progression throughout their lives. Some people describe the play to be a musical yet some describe it as a play with songs; personally, I think that it is a play with songs as in a musical, there are songs throughout and the whole thing is based around those songs. In blood brothers, however, there is long, consistent sections of acting and then a...
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